Screen Design

A Design, for your message. Fresh images, videos and an all-round Premium experience for your product.

UI & UX Design

Browser-Compatibility, Responsiveness, Accessibility, Maintainability and Usability are key in successfull web and mobile projects.

Content creation

Let's find the right images, videos, logos, sounds and animations together.

Search engine optimization

Checklist- driven approach to make your product searchable and visible.

Technology Migration

Standard Tools and processes for migrating to newer technologies.

Personnel replacement

Get fitting temporary resources for your project.

Backend & Frontend

All- In- One.

DevOps & Infrastructure

Searching flexible and cutting-edge technologies for deployment, installation, maintainance and delivery process is a success factor


Technologies used

Java · PHP · JavaScript · Wordpress · Drupal · Android · IOS · Angular · React · Spring · Java Enterprise · React Native · Docker
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"My flexibility and passion provides values to ambitious teams."
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